Choose your attitude

If you are feeling bad, chances are, it's because of too many possibilities.

You see, there is an important distinction between possibilities and options: options are real, while possibilities are often not.

Let's play this out.

Imagine you are on your way to a meeting and you get stuck in a traffic jam. The reason you are frustrated (and possibly even angry) is that there are other possibilities in your head: What if you were not in a traffic jam? What if you had chosen a different route? What if you had a helicopter? Those possibilities can drive you crazy while you are stuck in a car.

Your options are very few though: you can spend the next hour of your life frustrated and unhappy or you can turn some nice music on and choose to enjoy.

When you are suffering from a lack of choice, it's likely because you are overly aware of other possibilities that are out of reach.

But you can focus on your real options instead. And the most important choice, the choice that nobody can take away from you, the choice that you have in every single situation in life - is the choice of attitude.

So choose your attitude. In a way, that's the only choice you have.

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